Lessons are offered on a weekly basis only.  Regularity and promptness of attendance will be expected of all students.

Students will receive, at the beginning of each month, a bill reflecting the number of weekly lessons falling within that month.  It is requested that tuition be remitted without delay, in order that teachers, in turn, may be paid on time.  Any delay of more than sixty days in the payment of a bill may result in the imposition of an additional fee.

Once a regular lesson-time has been established, students must pay for each week’s lesson, regardless of any absence, no matter what the cause may be.  Students are not permitted to make unauthorized deductions from their monthly tuition for any reason.

Each student is permitted to reschedule a maximum of four lessons per school year, if adequate notice of each absence is provided directly to the Director.  Notifying a teacher of the intention to cancel does not entitle students to reschedule lessons unless the Director is notified as well.

Notices of official Conservatory holidays will be included in the monthly bills.  Days of religious observance not included in the Conservatory’s vacation periods will be respected for those concerned, but it is the students’ responsibility to notify the Conservatory of these as they arise.

When the Conservatory is forced to close due to inclement weather, students will be notified by telephone.  If the Conservatory does close, an appropriate adjustment will be made on the following month’s bill.

Schedules are arranged by the Director exclusively.  Any inquiries or requests concerning the scheduling of lessons may be discussed with teachers, but changes of schedule can be implemented only by the Director.

In order to remain in good standing for the following season, students will be expected to continue their lessons until the end of the school year, in mid-June.

The Conservatory offers an eight-week summer session for students interested in continuing their studies during this season.  If they wish, students may make advance arrangements to study for only part of the summer, to accommodate their vacation schedules.